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Jewish Learning Fellowship (JLF)

We’re bringing students together to explore big questions and understand Judaism on their own terms, applying thousand-year-old insights to today’s evolving world and challenges.

What is the Jewish Learning Fellowship?

Hillel’s Jewish Learning Fellowship (JLF) is a 10-week seminar for college students looking to explore Judaism on their own terms. As the largest, most inclusive educational provider for Jewish students on North American campuses, JLF has created a community-building experience, not a content-delivery mechanism. Participants walk away with:

  • A love for Torah study
  • A strong Jewish social network and commitment to Jewish peoplehood
  • A Jewish mentor who anchors their Jewish communal participation 
  • A deep appreciation for the rhythms of the Jewish calendar
  • You get $180 for participating

Hillel’s Jewish Learning Fellowship encourages students to ask questions with no clear-cut answers: Who am I? What communities am I a part of? What should I commit myself to? Fellows seek a deeper understanding of life through a Jewish lens, fueling each student to grapple with complexities, not shy away from them.

To enhance students’ learning, JLF adds two components to traditional Torah study: 

  • JLF builds a cohort of students who become friends, supporting one another as they navigate Jewish communal life.
  • JLF makes no claims about the “right” way to be Jewish. Through the prism of Torah and other ancient texts, fellows address life’s biggest questions, drawing on the life experiences and intuition of students.

5,000 Jewish students participate in JLF each year


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We’re interested in asking the big questions: Who am I? What communities am I part of? What is worth committing myself to, and why? Connect with your Hillel staff to find out what classes your campus offers.

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