By the Numbers

Our Impact

Hillel is the most inclusive, future-forward Jewish campus organization, paving a pathway for college students to celebrate and participate in Jewish life.

College is often seen as a training ground — preparing students to navigate the world after crossing the graduation stage. But in the breaks between their academic classes, who’s nurturing and nourishing their Jewish lives?

Hillel, of course.

From traditional holiday dinners to Havdalah on the beach to being together with Jewish friends, we have something for every student looking for Jewish connection and community. That’s because we value letting students take the reins, creating their own version of Jewish life rather than imposing an idea of what that means.

As a Global movement in tune with Jewish student needs, we know there isn’t one “type of Jew”. We’re mindful of and celebrate the many identities of students who constitute our global Jewish community, 140,000 students strong.

In addition to the fun parts that come with being a Jewish student, we also address urgent needs on campus: Antisemitism, mental health struggles, isolation and anxiety, and so much more.

Every day, our work is steered by students and professionals who make the vision for our worldwide Jewish community a reality.


Jewish students in Charleston


US states that our students come from


Student-led clubs in Hillel: Havurah (Jewish Learning), Challah for Hunger, K’far Keshet, and H.E.A.R. (Holocaust Education, Awareness, and Remembrance)


Programs and events each school year, creating many opportunities to get involved and meet new friends


Shabbat dinners served every year


Square feet of the Sylvia Vlosky Yaschik Jewish Studies Center utilized for students every day of the week.