Student led, staff supported

Empowering students to design their own Jewish college experience.

College belongs to students

At Hillel we strive to give students the college experience that they want to have. Our student-led clubs are one of the many ways we empower our students to do that. Over the years, they have helped us identify clubs that they want to have and they get to design the club to match the environment they want to see at their Hillel. And as always, we’re here to make that vision a reality!

Current Student Clubs

K’far Keshet (KiKi)

One of our strongest core values is Inclusivity. KiKi works for the full equality of all LGBTQ Jewish students in Charleston. Our students must have the freedom to be their full selves, pursue their dreams, and live with dignity — no exceptions.

Challah for Hunger (Nazun)

Challah for Hunger is an international charity organization with local chapters at many universities. Our goal is to raise money to combat hunger and to raise awareness about the issue of hunger locally and nationally.

Holocaust Education, Awareness, and Remembrance (H.E.A.R)

The Holocaust Education, Awareness, and Remembrance Club strives to guide the Charleston community in learning how future generations can effectively educate the public about the Holocaust long after the last survivor is gone.


Charurah is the a group that puts Jewish learning directly into the hands of the students. The goal of Chavurah is to give students a Jewish learning space where they get to learn more about what interests them without following a preset curriculum.